Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve
Wilderness Camping


Size of Tent Pads: 10x12 10x10 6x6

Distance to Office/Boat Landing: 5 Miles to office, 3 mile to Haines landing

GPS Coordinates: 44o 57’ 13.26” N

                                70o 49’ 51.40” W

Shoreline: Sand, all sand

Boat Access:  Enter the cove to the west of Griffin Island.  There is a small reef about 200 feet to the right and offshore of the Brookside sign; aside from that it’s all sand, but shallow when approaching  the site.

Description: The site is more than a mile away from any other site.  The site is nestled next to a small brook whose outlet is packed with driftwood and has a nice sandy beach.  This secluded location is always protected from the wind, even when the rest of the lake looks like an ocean.  It has views of Griffin, Turner, and Johnson Island.


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