Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve
Wilderness Camping

We hope you are all well during these challenging times.  COVID-19 has made this a difficult start to the season but we have been working hard to adapt to all the new state guidelines to keep you and our staff safe.  

As of right now, per the Governor's orders, we are open to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York & New Jersey residents. Remaining out of state residents are allowed to stay at the campground as long as you meet those restrictions or the Governor lifts the restrictions.  Restrictions are: 1: Quarantine in ME for 2 weeks prior to your stay.  2: Take a COVID test & receive a negative result within 72 hours of your stay. Or 3: Quarantine at a remote campsite. We will contact you at least 2 weeks prior to your reservation to discuss any changes.   

Maine requires that we minimize contact, therefore we are changing the check in/payment procedures.  

Please be respectful of others and remember social distancing.  Face coverings should be worn in all public areas; including office, loading areas, etc.  You may be sharing an outhouse and trail with other people, so we recommend bringing your own wipes, sanitizer, etc.  Please do not put wipes, etc. down outhouse hole!  A trash bag is provided in all outhouses. Please take turns in the loading area to allow for social distancing.   

Unfortunately, we are not providing water jugs this year.  Personal jugs maybe filled during office hours.  All June people, please call ahead to make sure that the water has been tested and is ready for use.  

We understand this is a lot of information and are happy to answer any questions! Call us at 207-864-2003

COVID - 19 Updates & Changes