Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve
Wilderness Camping


Size of Tent Pads: 2-12x12 2-10x10 + small tents

Distance to Office/Boat Landing: 4 ¼ Miles to office, 3 ½ - 4 ¼ miles to Haines landing

GPS Coordinates: 44o 55’ 58.70” N

                                70o 50’ 56.75” W

Shoreline: Sand

Boat Access: The beach is sandy, but there are stone jetties on either side, watch out for them.    


Description: This site was once home to Wildwood Cove City.  Although the town is gone, there are remnants remaining.  For example, a brick chimney, porcelain bathtub, and bed frames can be found within feet of site.  This is an open, grassy site that is situated on the water; you virtually pull the boat up to the fireplace when the water is high.  By virtue of its location this site is always sheltered from the wind. The beach is small but ideal for children and adults alike to get in the water.  Views include Shelter Island, all of Wildwood Cove, and glimpses of the Eastern lakeshore.  


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