Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve
Wilderness Camping

Echo Point

Size of Tent Pads: 2-8x8

Distance to Office/Boat Landing: 4 ½ Miles to office, 3 ½ to 4 miles to Haines landing

GPS Coordinates: 44o 56’ 14.68” N

                                70o 50’ 40.14” W

Shoreline: One big rock

Boat Access: Approach Echo Point from a slightly west position since the area in front of the sign is actually shallow.  However, to the left of the sign you’ll find that you cannot even see the bottom of the lake right up to where the land comes out of the water.  Simply tie up to the nearest tree; it’s a natural dock.      

Description: This is a unique site.  The fireplace sits atop a rock point that looks at all of Wildwood Cove, the Chapel site and some of the eastern lakeshore. Behind the rock is a mossy site that provides smaller but no less comfortable tent pads. As mentioned in the boat access section, the water of the west side of the site is seemingly bottomless.  This makes it perfect for docking a boat or diving (at your own risk, of course).  True to its name, the site is also situated such that echoes can be heard.  

Echo Point

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